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Bron Echols is the 12-year-old Co-CEO and co-founder of MelanBrand Skin, LLC. When Bron was 11, his mom knew it was more than time for him to begin focusing more on his skincare regimen outside of using regular soap, water, and lotion. The lotion never worked very well for moisturizing Bron's face, and the soap would dry out his skin.

It was right before his 12th birthday, that Bron's mother decided to give him $1,200 towards starting up his skincare line in lieu of a birthday party. She explained the importance of leaving a legacy behind for him, along with generational wealth. Bron agreed and the rest is now HIS-story.

MelanKids Skin founded in 2023, is an all-natural skincare line for any/most skin types, specifically formulated for young melanated skin. Our products address the needs of the most sensitive skin to include any eczema and psoriasis issues, along with acne prone skin.

When we discuss hygiene with our kids, we never emphasize proper skin care for a daily and nightly routine. It is always brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, putting your deodorant on, taking showers, but never here is how we take care of the first thing that people see; your face! Or it is always gone wash your face, but with what? Now there is a line for kids with melanated skin.


We believe that every child deserves to have healthy and nourished skin, and that's what we aim to provide with our products. Our mission is to empower parents to take care of their children's skin in a natural and safe way, help the parents empower their kids to do the same, every day, and to empower Black and brown kids to feel confident in their skin.

We pride ourselves in using only responsibly sourced ingredients in all our products, and value sustainability and safety first. You will find that all our products are vegan, gluten free, and with no added phthalates, parabens, or formaldehyde. We do not test on animals and are therefore cruelty free.

Our simple three-step system allows for even the youngest skin to develop early, healthy, and lifelong habits, with the best skincare regimen for their skin. Youthful looking mature skin starts with good practices of nurturing the younger skin.

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