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Q: Does MelanBrand Skin products contain any chemicals or toxins?

A: We pride ourselves in using only responsibly sourced ingredients in all our products, and value sustainability and safety first. You will find that all our products are gluten free with no added phthalates, parabens, or formaldehyde. We do not test on animals and are therefore cruelty free.

Q: What does it mean for a skincare line to be gluten free and how is it beneficial?

A: If you have any allergies to wheat ingredients, we eradicate the risk of any allergic reaction to soapy water. For those individuals who may have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, we do not want to take any chances! There aren’t a lot of gluten free skincare products on the market, however we kept you all in mind.

Q: How do I go about getting your product on our shelves?

A: Feel free to send us an email: and a customer support member will be in touch.

Q: Is the MelanKids Skin Collection solely for kids or can it be used by adults as well?

A: First, we must say that we have been receiving a lot of inquiries since we launched about adults using this line too, and the answer is yes. This collection was formulated by mom for kids (for the most sensitive skin); however, mom has been dipping in the stash too, and using it every day! If you will be the parent who will be doing the same, then the only recommendation that we have, is to buy one for the kids and one for you too! Our motto is ain't no fun if the parents can't have none. It might even bring back that youthful glow!

Q: Will MelanBrand Skin have other products outside of the MelanKids Skin Collection and can your products be used on non-melanated skin?

A: Yes! Please be patient with us and we promise that we will be launching more products soon. Our products can be used on just about any skin; however, we have formulated skincare products to address the primary concerns and needs of melanated skin.

Q: Where are you all located?

A: We are located in Virginia. Close to the US Capitol.

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